Thursday, September 19, 2013

Valve's Steam Box to be revealed next week.

Piston Gabe Newell, administrator of Valve, has said that Linux is that the way forward for gaming before promising some a lot of info on Valave's mysterious Steam Box console as early as next week

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Gabe Newell, co-founder and managing head of Valve, has given a keynote at LinuxCon in city on within which he declared Linux to be the "future of gaming".

Valve's extremely successful game platform Steam launched on Linux at the start of this year and therefore the company's rumoured Steam Box hardware is said to be Linux-based.

But, despite Newell's assertions, Linux presently accounts for fewer than one percent of a gaming market dominated by the likes of Xbox and PlayStation.

However, Newell did let slip a motivating little bit of news regarding the Steam Box:

Next week we have a tendece to get to be rolling out a lot of info about how we get there and what area unit the hardware opportunities we see for transferral Linux into the lounge, he said.

Before we skip headlong into rumour territory of a fully-formed product reveal, there's additionally the chance that Valve is coming up with a brand new form of service or a tool to help third-party makers develop their own Linux-based diversion hardware.

Newell frolicked praiseful Linux openness and almost touched on unification with mobile devices and therefore the second screen prospects.

And though this Linux diversion landscape could be a bit colorless, Newell reminded his audience that there area unit presently 198 Steam games on the OS. And, even if PCs area unit declining year-on-year, Steam is seeing its own digital distribute model grow by seventy six per cent.

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