Monday, September 30, 2013

Rockstar wants to make a Bully sequel

Rockstar's vice-president of creativity, Dan Houser, says he would like to make another Bully game
In a recent interview with gaming website Polygon, Rockstar Games's co-founder and VP of creativity, Dan Houser, has said that he'd like to make a sequel to 2006's Bully. 

"I know I want to," he said of when Polygon asked about the possibility of returning to the franchise. "Well, hopefully, you never know. There's a lot of directions I could go with that one, it's funny."
One of the ideas that has been floated by fans is the game's protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins, could star in his own Grand Theft Auto title. Houser, however, says that this is unlikely to happen.
"I never saw him as being that level of degenerate," Houser told Polygon. "I saw him as a bad teen, because he comes from a tough home, who could go either direction. He's not going to be a carjacker.
"He's too white collar for that already. He's at a shit private school, but he's going to end up being really happy because he's at the worst bit of his life, or being a sort of messed up white collar doofus."
The game, in which players took on the roles of an outsider at a well-heeled American high-school, caught a lot of flack from the media simply for its title. However, between Houser's comments and the fact that Take-Two has filed a new trademark for an IP called 'Bully', fans of the original may have some reason to get their hopes up for a sequel.