Friday, August 9, 2013

Ign Debut Call Of Duty Ghost

call of duty ghost
 In next weekday, August fourteenth, for the reveal of call of Duty: Ghosts much-anticipated multiplayer modes. At 10:00am /1:00pm ET,
we'll be kicking things off with pre-show comment from hosts Greg Miller, Daemon Hatfield, and resident call of Duty professional, policeman Bobbya1 Amos. Then at 10:30am /1:30pm ET, watch Activision and time Ward go in-depth on all things multiplayer right here on IGN, that is anticipated to incorporate the game's new maps, modes, player customization, and more. when the event concludes at 11:30am/2:30pm ET, we'll be recapping all of the massive  discussing the new content, and taking your queries via Twitter.