Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Xbox One controller rumble should help Forza 5 driving performance

Microsoft's Xbox One controllers rumble feature can help players become higher drivers in Forza Motorsport five says flip ten inventive director Dan Greenawalt

Microsoft's Xbox One

The four rumble pads featured on the Xbox One controller based mostly within the gamepad base and triggers can give Forza Motorsport five players can feedback on performance and grip of tires throughout breaking and cornering.

During San Diego's Comic-Con panel "The way forward for Xbox" yesterday,flip 10's Dan Greenawalt said that they were "finding people driving higher and doing it much more with competence with simply their fingers."

Greenawalt says the new feature for Xbox One controllers can "simulate the feeling of tires breaking loose underneath traction and also the sensation of an anti-lock braking systeming kicking in" throughout gameplay,reports polygon.

During the panel flip ten also same that players might put off in-game driving assists thanks to the further feedback given by the controller.

IGN according earlier on that Forza Motorsport five set up not force players to attach to the net to play the sport however players are needed to attach so as to transfer cars and tracks required to end the game's career mode.

Forza Motorsport five is anticipated to launch in Nov at the side of the Xbox One console.

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Source: plane figure IGN